league bowling

Adult Leagues

Become part of a team, bring your friends or let us help you join one.  We have leagues for everyone:  Men, Women, Seniors, Mixed and Youth.

Not sure how to join a league, just fill out the form and let us help you do the rest.

Youth Program

We are dedicated to providing a safe and fun place for children of all ages to come and enjoy bowling.

Start Dates are Still To be determined.  We hope to start these programs soon.

Children love to bowl!  Register your kid(s) for our Youth Bowling League today!  Sign up here on our website!

Ladies Leagues
Ladies leagues

Roosevelt Bowlerettes
Thursday 9am- Trio Teams
Starts 9-17-20

Gesu Ladies
Tuesdays 10 am – 3 member teams
Starts 9-10-19

Luxury’s Ladies
Wednesday’s 6:30 pm  4 member teams
Starts 9-16-20
Fun Bowling!  GREAT Jackpots & Awesome Ladies!

Ladies Classic Invitational
Mondays 7:30 pm  Trio Teams
Starts 9/21/20

Some of the top bowlers in Michigan!!  
Big Prize Money…
Join the TEAM!

Mens Leagues
Mens Leagues

Men’s Friday Night Young Bowling Supply – 4 man league 
Starts 9/18/20:

Detroit Rotary- 
Mondays 5:45 pm  Trio Teams  Starts 9-21-20

Detroit Golf Club
Tuesdays  4 member teams Starts TBA

Mixed Leagues
Mixed Leagues

Renaissance Rollers
Every other Saturday 10:45 am
4 member teams.  Starts TBA

Jack & Jills
Every other Saturday 7pm
4 member teams  Starts 9/19/20

Sunday Night Mixed
Starts TBA


Bowl with your friends & Neighbors
Luxury Men’s Seniors
Wednesday 1pm –  3 member teams  Starts 9/16/20
Ferndale’s most mature citizens bowl in a friendly, low pressure group at a very low cost!
  Have Fun and Keep fit.  Sign Up Early!

Senior Citizen Mixed
Friday at 1pm  3 member teams.  Starts 9/18/20
This gregarious group of go-getters assembles every Friday to knock the pins down and meet new friends.  Join Them!

Seniors Also Qualify for Reduced Bowling Rates!!

Youth Leagues
Youth Leagues

12 Weeks- $10 Per Week
3 Per Team- 2 Games
Programs Starting Soon!
Coaching, League Format  Free Shoes
Ages 7 and Up
Every Youth Bowler Gets a FREE Bowling Ball!

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